A Compendium of the Place Names of South Australia

From Aaron Creek to Zion Hill
With 54 Complementary Appendices
Researched and written by Geoffrey H. Manning

Originally published as The place names of our land: a South Australian anthology, Modbury, South Australia : Gould Genealogy & History, 2010

Revised edition copyright Geoffrey H. Manning, 2012


Aaron Creek - Ayliffe

Baan Hill - Bywell
Cable Bay - Cygnet

DaCosta - Dyke
Eagle - Eyre

Fairbanks - Furner
Gairdner Gypsum Mound

Habel Landing - Hypurna
Inamaratee Ivy Cove

Jabuk - Jutland
Kabininge - Kyeema

Labatt - Lytton
Maaoope My Water Gully

Nackara - Nympsvale

Oak Ozone Heights

Packard Bend - Pygery
Qualco - Quorn

Rabbit Island - Ryelands
Sab Aruma - Symon

Table Lands - Tyrone
Ucolta - Uworra

Vadhalinha von Doussa
Wabricoola - Wyrie

Yabmana - Yuwanyinahl
Zadow Zion Hill

Nomenclature of the Streets of Adelaide and North Adelaide

A Finale to Place Names

Sources and Notes